You Clearly Stood Out, I Absolutely Love the System

“I think I may have over analyzed this but when I compared your answers, assumptions, thoroughness, etc to others, never mind the time you spent answering my questions, you clearly stood out.” And 5 months later… “I wanted to circle back to you after the installation. I absolutely love the system, I know it has only been 2 days :). The installation team was extremely professional, took the time to answer all my stupid questions, and I had many!! I was very impressed with their attention to detail, neatness and you can tell everything they do, they want to look neat and orderly. The electric, conduit, racking, etc. was all done with appearance in mind and they worked with me to place everything so it blended in with the house etc. I love the monitoring system. Couple of thoughts already, I never realized how much power the irrigation pump uses, it was the old pump that fed the whole house from the well before we switched to town water except the irrigation system, definitely an opportunity to right size the pump!! Have got a couple of quotes so far on the mini ductless heat pump systems, hoping to get a couple more and do when the cash is available. Thank you so much for your effort and I know I made the right decision on you E2.”

– Mike, Chatham