About Cape Cod’s Premier Solar Dealer

E2 Solar encourages efficiency first and remains committed to educating homeowners and business owners on the benefits of energy efficiency combined with renewables.

THOUSANDS of Energy Efficient Homes Built Across Cape Cod

E2 Solar is proud to celebrate its 16th Anniversary!


Building a Better System at a Price You Can Afford

Financing options are available. Ask one of our knowledgeable Project Development associates about what loan option might work best for you when you call us at (508) 694-7889.

E2 Solar was established to deliver high quality photovoltaic and solar domestic hot water systems on Cape Cod in early 2008. Since then E2 Solar has installed over 3,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic and numerous solar thermal systems on residences and businesses across southeastern Massachusetts.

A Commitment to High-Quality Solar Energy Systems on Cape Cod

Jason Stoots and the entire staff at E2 Solar are committed to designing and installing exceptionally efficient, low maintenance, long lasting solar energy systems. E2 Solar offers Maxeon and REC photovoltaic (PV) modules with the highest efficiency now available (cell efficiencies over 22%).

Knowledgeable technicians who design intelligent solar energy systems

A commitment to providing high-quality customer service

Solar solutions backed by tax credits, incentives, and financing options

Ongoing savings from long-lasting solar energy systems