Commercial Solar Energy on Cape Cod

Helping Your Business Go Green & Save Money!

At E2 Solar, we provide solar solutions to help your business or commercial property investments in your future. We want to maximize your energy potential to give you peace of mind, using the best technology in the solar industry. 

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Commercial Property

With our turnkey operation, we at E2 Solar handle the entire process from design to activation, leaving you to run your business with as little interruption as possible. In addition, our knowledgeable Cape Cod solar technicians have years of professional experience and we are well-versed in tax credits and financial incentives available to help offset the costs of your solar investment.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Commercial Property

  • The commitment to designing and building smart solar energy systems
  • The highest return on your energy investment
  • The benefits of doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint

Learn Why More Businesses Choose Clean Solar Energy

Because solar energy systems can save you money and protect the environment, more and more commercial properties are choosing to go green. A new system will protect you from the ever-rising prices of traditional energy as well as reduce your dependency on the grid. This means that you reap the benefits of reliable, renewable energy for years to come, allowing you to keep more of your profits from your commercial property.

E2 Solar will work with you to ensure that you have the tools you need to go green without the stress and headache.​


E2 has exceeded our expectations.

“E2 Solar installed our SunPower system one year ago, and I could not be happier. The installation went exactly as they promised, and there were no issues. Desiree led us through the maze of approvals, and was there to answer any questions. The system has produced more than they estimated, and we have not had an electric bill since the installation. It was estimated that our system would produce 8100 KWH, but we actually produced around 8800 KWH. ”

-David, Centerville


Our electric bills monthly are now ZERO. Highest recommendations.

“Today our electric company installed the new meter which will give us a check each month for the electricity we are making. Guaranteed for monthly payments for 10 Years! In addition, our electric bills monthly are now ZERO. I invite any Cape Codders to contact me for more details. How do we get production on Foggy Days? We do. Cloudy Days? We do. Highest recommendations.”

-Bob, Chatham