Your Cape Cod Solar Energy Investment

Take Control of Your Monthly Energy Costs

At E2 Solar, our clients often say that the number one benefit of going solar is the savings they realize on their monthly energy bills. This is because with solar energy, you take control of your electricity bill and reduce your dependence on the traditional energy grid. This protects you from rising energy costs for years to come.

With E2 Solar, your savings add up for years to come. There are no surprises, and you are even able to use excess production as credits on future bills. Learn more about going green when you call our Cape Cod solar experts at (508) 694-7889.

Our Efficiency & Your Savings

Because E2 Solar offers some of the best solar panels in the industry, we are able to create long-lasting solar energy systems that save you money for years to come.

With E2 Solar, you save in all of the following ways:

  • Lower maintenance costs with systems that are built to last
  • Your panels absorb more sunlight, giving you a potential excess that will become credits on your power bill
  • Tax credits, financial incentives, and performance incentives to offset the initial cost of your system