Why Choose Cape Cod’s Premier SunPower Dealer?

We Believe in Changing the Way the South Shore is Powered

Solar energy is truly the wave of the future. Reducing your carbon footprint can help preserve the earth for generations to come while saving you money in the present. Because solar energy is clean, reliable, and renewable, you can always rest assured that you are doing your part when partnering with a leader in the industry.

At SunPower by E2 Solar, our well-trained Cape Cod solar technicians have been helping the South Shore realize their energy potential since 2008. Call us today at (508) 694-7889 to learn what we can do for your home!

Harnessing the Power of the Sun in Your Home

Because SunPower by E2 Solar only uses the best photovoltaic panels in the business, we are able to offer high-quality, long-lasting systems that are efficient and intelligently designed to harness more of the sun’s energy. This allows you to receive a higher return on your energy investment, saving you money.

Changing the Way Our World Is Powered

The world record for the highest efficiency panels available


Unmatched reliability from a unique solid copper backing

The unrivaled ability to absorb more sunlight

Stands up to daily strain from temperature and weather

Virtually eliminates 85% of common cell failure