Residential Solar Energy on Cape Cod

Helping the South Shore Go Green Since 2008

Are you interested in saving money on your monthly energy bills? Do you want to do your part to protect the environment for your children? It’s easier than ever with the advanced solar technology offered at SunPower by E2 Solar.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels from SunPower are engineered to harness more of the sun’s clean, reliable energy to ensure that your home is well-lit throughout the year, even on cloudy days. Our Cape Cod solar installation professionals design intelligent energy systems to create long-lasting savings backed by durable PV panels to help you get the most efficient return on your energy investment.

How Can Solar Energy Benefit My Home?

Because we use some of the best solar in the industry, SunPower by E2 Solar is committed to providing solutions that work with your home to save you money.

By choosing our Cape Cod solar energy company, you benefit from all of the following:

  • High-quality solar energy systems
  • Knowledgeable and experienced solar professionals
  • A high standard of customer service
  • Financing and incentives to help offset the costs of your system

When you decide to go green, talk to SunPower by E2 Solar! We can walk you through your options and explain how much you can benefit from the power of the sun.

Intelligent Designs to Save You Money

Our Cape Cod solar professionals take the time to inspect your residential property to ensure that we design a system that best uses the sun’s energy. SunPower holds the world record for the highest efficiency panels with an unrivaled ability to absorb more of the sun’s rays.

We also build our residential solar systems to last, making sure that they stand up to even the worst weather while always increasing your property’s value.

Changing the Way Our World is Powered

We believe the sun belongs to everyone, which is why we’re committed to unlocking its power with the best PV panels in the industry. SunPower technology is light years ahead of conventional solar.

  • The world record for the highest efficiency panels available
  • Unmatched reliability from a unique solid copper backing
  • The unrivaled ability to absorb more sunlight
  • Stands up to daily strain from temperature and weather
  • Virtually eliminates 85% of common cell failure

Solar Customers Are Making a Better Tomorrow and Enjoying Savings Today


Terrific experience from start to stop with SunPower by E2 Solar

We had a terrific experience from start to stop with E2 Solar at our home in Orleans. Highly professional and nice people to work with, and an excellent combination of service and (Sunpower) product.

-Charles, Orleans


I am 100% satisfied

“I had a solar-electric system installed by E2 Solar in 2017 and I expanded it in 2019 to cover almost all of my needs for electric power, cooling and heating. I am 100% satisfied and have recommended E2 Solar to several neighbors. I love the SunPower website and use it daily to monitor the performance of my system!”

-Ian, Falmouth