Alison Alessi

Architect & LEED Accredited Professional

Alison Alessi is a LEED Accredited Professional Architect with a number of years’ experience with sustainable design on Cape Cod. She is an active member of the Cape and Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative as well as a member of NESEA.

Years of Professional Experience

A licensed architect for over five years, Alison has designed a number of green residences, commercial, and municipal projects in towns across the Cape. She has collaborated with a number of local “green” consultants to refine and improve design elements of specific projects and has experience presenting projects to local regulatory boards.

A Background in Renewable Energy

Before moving to Cape Cod, Alison designed several small industrial buildings and a small bicycle bridge for a new bike path located along a blighted river in Cambridge as part of the “Big Dig” in Boston. She received her Masters of Architecture from MIT in 2001 and has an AB in architecture from Princeton University.

Alison and her husband Jason recently installed solar thermal panels (along with domestic hot water and radiant floor heating systems) and photovoltaic modules on their own home.