Which Solar Panels Are Most Efficient?

Which Solar Panels Are Most Efficient?

When considering which solar panels are best, it’s important to understand the technology behind them. Superior technology means increased efficiency, better performance, and a higher return on your investment. E2 Solar stands behind Maxeon and REC as the most efficient solar panels on the market to date.


Maxeon focuses on responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices without compromising on durability and efficiency. Maxeon solar panels are manufactured ethically in the Philippines and assembled in Mexico. They are not associated with any slave labor practices that have been widely reported out of China’s Xinjiang region, so you can feel good about the product and company you are supporting. 

Maxeon uses a patented monocrystalline cell technology to achieve their unrivaled efficiency standards. These solar cells are manufactured over a solid copper backing, increasing their durability and eliminating the possibility of corrosion and cracking.  The Max 3 and Max 6 solar panels are 22.2% and 22.8% efficient respectively. This means that the panels can convert up to 22.8% of the sunlight that touches them to usable energy in your home. The higher the efficiency, the greater amount of energy available to power your home. Maxeon panels have an annual degradation rate of 0.25%, so by year 25 they will still be operating at 92% efficiency and 88.3% efficiency by year 40. 

As a preferred Maxeon partner, E2 solar can offer this premiere product along with a 40 year power, product, and service warranty. Unlike the industry standard of 25 years. To learn more give us a call today. 


REC solar panels are another top of the line product offered by E2 Solar. REC was founded in Norway and the panels are manufactured in Singapore. Like Maxeon, REC solar maintains ethical labor standards throughout its supply chain. 

REC’s Alpha Pure series features heterojunction cell technology, combining the benefits of crystalline silicon cells and thin film technology within the same cell structure. The unique structure of heterojunction solar cells offers improved efficiency and power output. The REC Alpha Pure series has a higher power density than conventional panels, generating more solar energy from the same square footage. These panels are 22.3% efficient with an annual degradation rate of 0.25%. Meaning like Maxeon, they will also operate at 92% efficiency by year 25.

Both Maxeon and REC solar panels offer the lowest temperature coefficients, so they’re production is not as heavily impacted by extreme heat conditions. In regions that experience extreme heat solar panels can actually lose production, due to a decrease in voltage output resulting from overstimulated electrons. So keep in mind that the lower the temperature coefficient, the less the panels are negatively impacted by extreme heat.  

REC solar panels are backed by a 25 year product, performance, and labor warranty so you can be confident in your investment for years to come. 

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