Spring is The Best Time to Go Solar

Ever wondered when is the best time to “spring” for solar? If so, we have a little advice to share.

Energy production from solar panels can vary greatly based on weather, location, and time of day. Installing a solar system in time for spring means you’ll be ready for the start of peak power production. In New England, March marks the kickoff to the most productive months of the year. We often advise people to do their homework on solar over the winter months, so they’re ready to make the investment in time for spring.

The longest day of the year comes at the end of June, bringing over 15 hours of sunlight to the region! A springtime installation allows you to be ready for the high energy use that’s often associated with cranking the air conditioning, running pool pumps, and hosting family gatherings, etc.

Installing a solar photovoltaic system means you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and an increase in the value of your home. According to this Zillow article, homes with solar sold for an average of 4.1% more across the United States. This is because many buyers view solar systems as a capital improvement made to the home, one that will help them become more energy efficient. For example, 80% of homebuyers  say that energy efficiency is a priority for them, as many are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bill.

Don’t worry if you’re a little late to the party! You can install solar at any time of the year because our high-efficiency solar systems are designed to generate electricity even on cold, cloudy days. This is because the panels can still harness energy from the UV rays that pass through the clouds.

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