Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow

What to Expect Working with Sunpower by E2 Solar

Step-By-Step Guide Through the Duration of Your Project

1. Contact us!
  1. Provide us with some preliminary information about your home or business i.e. year built, roof condition, etc. This can be via a phone call or our preliminary information form (here).

  2. Provide us with a copy of a recent electric bill for your home or business (both pages) to give us a picture of your annual usage as well as your current utility rate. If you foresee any future changes to your annual electric usage, let us know so that we can appropriately size your system.

2. Receive a proposal from us!
  • Two options:

    1. a. If your site is relatively unshaded, we can do a satellite-image preliminary proposal based on LIDAR data.

    2. b. If your site is unfit for a remote assessment or if you prefer, we will schedule an on-site assessment with our site analyst.

  • If you received a preliminary proposal and would like to move forward, you will have an on-site assessment at this point, and receive a revised proposal.

  1. Revise your system size if necessary based on desired panel locations and/or desired production output.

3. Sign a contract with us!
  • At this point you will work with our project manager to reserve your spot in the SMART incentive program, sign all the necessary documents, and – if you’re financing with one of our connections – begin the loan application process. We’ll walk you through every step of the way.
  • We will submit your documents for structural engineering, permitting, etc. for a turnkey process.

4. Go solar!

We at SunPower by E2 Solar know that this can feel like a large undertaking. We want you to rest assured that our dedicated, highly experienced professionals will guide you through the ins and outs of this project, resulting in an installation that beautifully fits your property and puts you on the fast track to saving money and our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can solar panels save me money?
    Energy efficiency is a worthwhile investment. We design and install new systems using the most state-of-the-art SunPower PV panels and use intelligent strategies to get you the fastest possible return on your investment. Depending on your monthly energy use, solar power can reduce your monthly energy bills by half or eliminate them entirely.
  • How much do new solar installations cost?
    The cost of going solar can vary greatly from home to home. New designs are based on  available roof space, orientation of the home, and your annual household energy use. We take the time to look at all of these factors a design a system that works for your family and your property.
  • How can I benefit from solar energy?
    Many of our clients are excited by the amount of money they save but there are a number of addition benefits from going solar. When you install clean, renewable energy, you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint to save the planet for your children.
  • Are tax credits and incentives available?
    Massachusetts currently offers a 15% credit off the total cost of your new solar energy system, capped at $1,000. Combined with the Federal tax credit of 26%, you can save from the moment your panels are installed.
  • What makes SunPower by E2 different?
    We only use the highest quality SunPower technology to ensure systems that last for years. Our team of expert Cape Cod solar technicians are dedicated to providing your home with the service and satisfaction you need to deliver unsurpassed results based on truly custom and intelligent designs.

Changing the Way Our World Is Powered

  1. The world record for the highest efficiency panels available
  2. Unmatched reliability from a unique solid copper backing
  3. The unrivaled ability to absorb more sunlight
  4. Stands up to daily strain from temperature and weather
  5. Virtually eliminates 85% of common cell failure
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Going Solar Is as Easy as Counting to 3!

  • Schedule a Free Estimate

    Our expert technicians investigate your property to design an intelligent system that makes the most of the sun’s power.

  • Install Your System

    Using some of the best technology in the business, we install PV panels that hold up to the weather and will last years.

  • Start Saving

    After thorough quality checks, we activate your new solar energy system and you seeing the savings on your monthly energy bills.