Ian Tallmadge

Project Developer

Ian was born and raised on Cape Cod, and after a few years on the West Coast, has returned to dive headfirst into the solar industry. After years of work as a chef and restaurant manager, he sought a career change that would bring him into an industry that was focused on positive environmental change. Having worked with his father, who is a Master Electrician and Lead Installer at E2, Ian understands the technical side of installations, while also focusing on the environmental and financial benefits of photovoltaics. An avid Cape Cod outdoorsman, Ian hopes that his work in the industry will help preserve the natural beauty of Cape Cod for generations to come.

Ian is responsible for ensuring that any clients understand the solar process inside and out, helping to coordinate a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and a good fit for production, and answering any questions about the process that a potential customer may have from start to finish.